How to Enable Developer Options on your Samsung Galaxy S24

Developer options give you access to settings and features that let you customize and troubleshoot your device more extensively. With Developer options enabled, you can speed up animations, keep your screen on during charging, and tweak other performance and interface options. Learn how to enable Developer Options on your Samsung Galaxy S24 below.

enable developer options on galaxy s24

Benefits of enabling the Developer Options

Here are some of the key benefits of enabling developer options on your Galaxy S24:

  • Access debug tools: You can use Logcat to view device logs, set up bug reporting, and troubleshoot app issues. This is helpful for developers debugging apps.
  • Customize animation scales: You can speed up or slow down animated transitions and animations with animation scale settings. This is useful for testing app performance.
  • Disable automatic system updates: Prevent your device from automatically installing OS updates so you can manage updates manually. It is helpful for developers testing app compatibility.
  • Modify display settings: change screen resolution, enable GPU rendering, force RTL layout, and more for testing or accessibility.
  • Faster boot time: Disable unnecessary background processes with the “background process limit” to speed up boot time.
  • Unlock more customization: Modify additional hidden settings with ADB to deeply customize your device’s behavior.

As you can see, developer options open up many possibilities for power users and developers. Next, we’ll cover how to enable it.

Steps to enable Developer Options on Samsung Galaxy S24

Enabling developer options on the Galaxy S24 only takes a few quick steps:

  • Open Settings and go to About Phone.
  • Tap Software information.
  • Scroll down and tap on Build Number 7 (seven) times.

build number

  • You’ll see a message that “Developer mode has been turned on.”
  • Back in Settings, you’ll now see a new “Developer Options” menu.
  • Go into Developer Options and toggle the switch at the top to enable it.

developer mode samsung s24

That’s it! Developer options are now enabled and ready to be customized. Most options don’t require any additional setup.

Understanding the different Developer Options and settings

There are many developer options you can tweak and enable. Here are some of the most useful ones:

  • Debugging: Enable USB debugging for ADB access, mock locations for fake GPS, and more.
  • Drawing: force GPU rendering, change window, and transition animation scales.
  • Input: options like showing touches and pointer location.
  • Monitoring: Inspect CPU usage, memory, data usage, and activities.
  • Networking: change WiFi settings, make mobile data always active, and more.
  • System: Modify scroll sensitivity, Bluetooth settings, background processes, and more.

Take some time to explore all the developer options. Tap into an option to see a description of what it does.

Common use cases for Developer Options on Samsung Galaxy S24

Here are some of the most common ways people use developer options:

  • Test apps: Developers debug apps with USB debugging, mock locations, layout bounds, don’t keep activities, and other settings.
  • Improve performance: reduce animations and limit background processes to speed up your device. Keep it snappy.
  • Advanced customization: Take customization further by modifying additional hidden settings with ADB commands.
  • Block interrupts: disable notifications with “no interruptions” mode or adjust media volume steps.
  • Troubleshoot issues: Use developer options like mobile data to always be active to fix device issues.
  • Control updates: Prevent automatic updates so you can manually update your schedule.

Developer options cater to everyone, from casual users to hardcore developers.

Advanced troubleshooting with Developer Options

Developer options also equip you with advanced troubleshooting tools. Here are some ways it can help debug device issues:

  • View detailed device logs with Logcat to pinpoint hardware and system issues. Filter by severity level, tags, and search the logs.
  • Use bug report tools to capture full system state details to share when reporting bugs. This gives developers crucial diagnostic data.
  • Monitor RAM usage over time to check for memory leaks causing lags or crashes. Also inspect running processes and services.
  • Enable OEM unlock if your bootloader gets corrupted to reset it and restore OS functionality.
  • Switch USB modes between MTP, PTP, and MIDI to fix connection issues between your device and computer.
  • Disable absolute volume to fix Bluetooth volume control problems when paired with some car stereos and speakers.

Developer options provide advanced settings you won’t find in regular settings for troubleshooting.

Best practices and precautions when using Developer Options

While developer options are powerful, here are some tips on using them safely:

  • Back up data: Creating device backups is always a good idea before modifying settings.
  • Reset defaults: If you change an option but don’t like the result, reset it back to default.
  • Read warnings: Some options will warn that they can negatively impact performance or battery life, so use them with caution.
  • Limit animations: Disabling animations can degrade performance over time, so don’t disable them completely.
  • Avoid “Apply update from ADB”: This advanced option is very risky and can brick your device if used improperly.
  • Reset options after debugging: Make sure to disable any debugging or testing options when not needed.

As long as you use the developer options carefully, they provide a treasure trove of ways to get the most out of your Galaxy S24.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about enabling developer options:

  • Do I need to be a developer to use these options?
  • No, developer options are useful even if you’re not a developer. But some options are mainly targeted for development purposes.
  • What happens if I disable an option but don’t like the result?
  • You can always re-enable options and reset them to default if something doesn’t work as expected. No setting changes are permanent.
  • Is enabling developer options risky for my device?
  • Generally not, as long as you avoid experimentally changing too many options randomly at once. Use common sense and read each option’s description.

Will enabling developer options void my Samsung warranty? No, Samsung allows developers to enable developer options on their devices. But improperly using some advanced options could possibly cause device damage not covered under warranty.


Hopefully, this overview gives you a better understanding of how to enable developer options on your Galaxy S24 and how you can use them to improve your experience. These power-user settings let you tap into customization, troubleshooting, and debugging capabilities that normally stay hidden beneath the surface. With some caution and exploration, developer options can help you make the most of your Android device.

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