How to Schedule Texts to Send Later on your Samsung S24

Want to send a text at a specific time on your Samsung Galaxy S24? Scheduling texts is easy with this guide. Learn step-by-step how to schedule texts messages to send automatically at your chosen date and time on your Samsung Galaxy S24. Never forget to text someone important again with this handy feature.

schedule texts on galaxy s24

Why schedule texts?

There are a few key reasons why you may want to use scheduled texts on your Samsung Galaxy S24:

  • Set reminders for yourself: Schedule a text to remind you to take out the trash, pay a bill, or finish a task the next day.
  • Wish someone at the perfect time: Schedule a happy birthday text to send right at midnight on someone’s birthday.
  • Text when someone is available: If you know the recipient sleeps late, schedule the text for mid-morning.
  • Avoid waking someone up: Don’t want to text late at night? Schedule it to be sent in the morning.
  • Message when you can’t: If you’ll be on a flight or in a meeting, schedule texts ahead of time.

How to schedule texts on Samsung Galaxy S24

Scheduling a text on the Samsung Galaxy S24 messaging app is easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Open the Messages app and select the conversation you want to schedule a text for.
  • Type out your text as usual.
  • Long-press on the send button.

create text messages

  • Set the time you want to send the message you have created.
  • If you are sure, check Set schedule later and press Done.
  • Tap Send button to send your message.

send text later

The text will be sent automatically at the chosen date and time. You’ll see the scheduled time icon beside the text. Don’t forget to activate the SMS delivery report so that you can find out whether the message has been delivered or not.

Benefits of scheduling texts on your Samsung S24

  • Never forget important occasions—birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, etc.
  • Productivity reminders: Schedule texts to remind yourself of tasks and to-dos.
  • Avoid late-night disturbances. Stop waking up friends or colleagues with late texts.
  • Message when unavailable: Texts will be sent when you have a meeting, are traveling, or your phone is off.
  • Perfect timing: Send scheduled texts for precise moments, like midnight on a birthday.

Other useful messaging app features

In addition to scheduled texts, the Galaxy S24 messaging app has other handy features, including:

  • Voice recordings: Send quick voice messages.
  • GIFs: Search for and share funny GIFs.
  • Location sharing: Share your real-time location.
  • Message search: Easily search through all your texts.
  • Encrypted chats: end-to-end encrypted chats for privacy.
  • Chat backup: back up messages to your Samsung account.
  • Text translations: translate messages to other languages.

Troubleshooting scheduled texts

If your scheduled text doesn’t send properly, here are some steps to troubleshoot:

  • Double-check the date and time are correct.
  • Make sure your Samsung Galaxy S24 has service at the scheduled time.
  • Reschedule the text; your previous one may have failed.
  • Confirm scheduled texts are enabled in your messaging settings.
  • Restart your phone and try scheduling again.
  • Update to the latest Samsung Messaging app version.
  • Do a soft reset by holding the Power and Volume Down buttons.

Tips for maximizing scheduled texts feature

  • Add recipient names to understand context when reading.
  • Schedule productivity reminders for early morning.
  • Use scheduled texts as reminders for tasks, errands, etc.
  • Wish friends and family a happy birthday exactly at midnight.
  • Set reminders to follow up on work projects.
  • Schedule positive daily affirmations for yourself.
  • Use smart home devices to confirm scheduled text messages.


With its intuitive interface for scheduling messages right in the messaging app, the Galaxy S24 makes it easy and convenient to schedule texts. This useful feature can help you remember important events, send timely messages, and remind yourself about tasks. As long as your Samsung S24 has service at the scheduled time, your recipient will receive the text right on time. Give it a try the next time you want a text to send later!

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