How to Set a Song as Ringtone on your Samsung Galaxy S24

Having a song you enjoy as your ringtone can make your phone more fun to use and set your phone apart from others when it rings. With just a few simple steps, you can have your favorite song welcoming calls and notifications on your phone. Today we’ll show you complete guide to set a song as ringtone on your Samsung Galaxy S24.

set song as ringtone on galaxy s24

Why adding a song as a ringtone is a great idea

Using a song as your ringtone gives your phone personality and flair. You can match it to your mood, favorite artist, or musical taste. Hearing a song you love ring out when you get a call or text makes your phone less robotic and more unique. It’s one of the easiest phone customizations you can make.

Setting a custom song ringtone allows you to identify who is calling without even having to look at your phone. You can set a special song for specific contact or your favorite contacts, so you’ll know who is reaching out based on the ringtone. Friends and family may come to associate your funky song selection with you and your style.

Steps to set a song as ringtone on your Samsung Galaxy S24

Setting a custom song ringtone on your Galaxy S24 is simple. Just follow these steps:

  • Open the Settings app and select Sounds and Vibration.
  • Tap Ringtone then tap the plus symbol.

set ringtones samsung s24

  • Select the song you want to set, in this case SONG 1.
  • If you are sure, press Done.
  • Press the back button, and your selected song will be active and at the top of the list.
  • Your song is now set as your default ringtone!

set song for ringtone

How to set ringtones to specific contacts

You can also set unique ringtones for individual contacts.

  • Open your Contacts app and select the contact.
  • On your contact information, tap More and then tap Change ringtone/vibration.
  • Follow the same steps to pick a song from your audio files.
  • Confirm your selection to set the special ringtone for only this contact.

set ringtones to specific contacts

Now, when that person calls or texts, you’ll hear the custom song and know instantly who is reaching you!

Tips for selecting the perfect song for your ringtone

Picking the right song as your ringtone is key. You want something recognizable but not too abrasive or long. Stay away from songs with long intros; you want to hear the main melody right away. Catchy choruses or hooks work best.

Upbeat, happy songs are ideal for ringtones to greet incoming calls in a positive way. Peppy pop, dance, or rock songs are great choices to add some energy when your phone rings.

Consider songs and artists you frequently listen to that lift your mood. You might also select a throwback song that makes you feel nostalgic. Steer clear of sad ballads or heavy metal songs as ringtones.

The ideal ringtone length is around 30 seconds. Pick a segment of the song that identifies it best. Fadeouts work well for distinguishing ringtones, so it’s clear when the call ends.

Where to find free and legal songs to use as ringtones

You can use almost any song you legally have stored on your Galaxy S24 as a ringtone. Download files from music subscription services or music you’ve purchased outright. Here are some sources:

  • Streaming apps like Spotify allow you to save songs offline with a premium subscription.
  • YouTube has a huge catalog of music you can convert to MP3 files with free online tools.
  • SoundCloud has user-uploaded songs and original artist content you can save.

Be sure you have the right to use a song file before setting it as your ringtone. Using pirated music as a ringtone is illegal.

Customizing other sound settings

While you’re adjusting your ringtone, explore other sound options for notifications, alarms, and more in Settings:

  • Text tone: set SMS/MMS alerts to a short sound or song.
  • Notification sounds: choose a tone for app alerts, calendar events, emails, and more.
  • Alarm sound: wake up to songs, chimes, or natural sounds with customizable alarms.
  • Emergency tone: Set an emergency alert signal for extreme situations and public safety messages.
  • Touch sounds: enable or disable key tap and dial pad tones as you interact with your phone.
  • Volume: Adjust volume levels for calls, media, notifications, and system sounds individually.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How do I get a song file onto my phone to use as a ringtone?
  • A: You can transfer purchased music files from a computer to your device storage or use a subscription music streaming service that allows offline downloads. Free sites like YouTube also let you download MP3 files.
  • Q: Can I set any audio file as my ringtone?
  • A: Yes, the Galaxy S24 supports common audio formats like MP3 and M4A for ringtones. Shorten longer files to 30 seconds or less for best results.
  • Q: Do I have to pay to set a custom song ringtone?
  • A: No, you can use any DRM-free song saved on your device storage for free. However, you need to legally purchase or acquire the audio file first.
  • Q: What happens if I get a new phone? Will my song ringtone transfer over?
  • A: Unfortunately, no. You’ll need to set up the custom ringtone again on a new device using the song file. Back up your audio collection regularly so you don’t lose your ringtone MP3s!


Personalizing your Samsung Galaxy S24 with a song that makes you happy as your ringtone is easy and fun. Follow our step-by-step guide to select a meaningful tune from your music library or download a new one. Soon, your custom rock, pop, or hip-hop ringtone will be spicing up incoming calls in your own style! Don’t forget to experiment with text tones and alarm sounds too for a phone that truly reflects you.

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